Brazil WindPower: a great success at an historic moment for the Brazilian wind power sector

Wind power is now the fastest growing source of electrical power in Brazil. The country is ranked 10th globally in terms of installed wind capacity. During 2015, it installed 2.75 GW – a record for Brazil – bringing the total to 8.72 GW, which accounts for 6.3% of the Brazilian energy matrix. More than R$16bn have been invested, 41,000 jobs created, over 5 million homes supplied with electricity from wind power and 5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions have been avoided.

Brazil hopes to achieve 18.8 GW of wind power capacity by 2019 with an average annual growth rate of 20%. This rate was 46% in 2015, higher than any other wind power growth rate in the world. The ‘PDE 2024, Ten Year Plan for Energy Expansion 2024′ estimates that the wind potential will continue to be exploited, with 24 GW of wind capacity by 2024. About 10 GW of wind has already been contracted – at different stages of construction -, representing more than 5,000 wind turbines to be installed.

Brazil WindPower, organized by GWEC, ABEEólica and Grupo CanalEnergia, is one of the largest wind energy events in Latin America and offers excellent business opportunities, in addition to conference programme sessions focused on issues relevant to the wind sector. In the 2015 edition, the event attracted more than 2,700 participants, with 32 sponsors and 91 exhibitors.

The 7th edition of Brazil WindPower took place in Rio de Janeiro from 30 August to 1 September. The event brought together the main government authorities to discuss market growth at the congress, as well as leading sector agents to do business at the trade fair. Over 2,800 attendees witnessed the huge success of this edition at an historic moment for the Brazilian wind power sector. 110 exhibitors representing a total of 350 companies showcased their innovations in the exhibition area, with 83 speakers addressing over 600 delegates at the conference.

Next year Brazil WindPower will run from 29 to 31 August in Rio de Janeiro.

FuturENERGY: committed to wind power in Brazil

FuturENERGY has already attended three consecutive editions of Brazil WindPower, giving visibility to its collaborators and advertisers in this buoyant wind power market. Once again this year, visitors, exhibitors and speakers had the opportunity to pick up a copy of our special issue dedicated to wind power, published as a supplement to our June magazine. You can read this special issue online here.

This issue of FuturENERGY has enjoyed the support of large wind power companies including Vestas, our cover story collaborator, Aceros Urquijo, Schaeffler, MESA, Navantia, Green Eagle Solutions, CENER and GES, to name but a few.