BURÉS PROFESIONAL, S.A. has developed and studied high efficiency filling materials, such as pruning remains, pine bark, heather, wood chips, peat, vegetable compost, volcanic rock and mixtures of some of the above to combine their properties. These products can be used as a pure material to form a bed or as different components in multi-layer biofiltration systems. At its plant, the materials undergo a pretreatment process that increases their surface area. This allows the medium to be more effectively colonised by fungus, bacteria and yeasts with their high metabolic diversity and, as such, their capacity to colonise a wide variety of niches and break down a large quantity of organic compounds.

Each biofuel offers specific technical characteristics depending on the features of each type of installation. Finding the right balance between price and content in ash, humidity, calorific value and granulometry is a vital task to optimise the operating costs of each installation.

BURÉS PROFESIONAL, S.A. can customise the biofuel required for each case to adapt to the need for one or several boilers, in which the client is required to use a specific biofuel. Depending on the product type, it can be delivered in bulk format or as pellet.

Depending on atmospheric conditions, BURÉS PROFESIONAL, S.A. recommends a reliable usage period for the filling material of between 3-5 years. After this period, the used material can simply be composted with no need for any special treatment.