BVT Holding and ROMO Wind improve the performance of a wind farm

BVT Holding GmbH & Co. KG and ROMO Wind Deutschland GmbH announced the signature of an agreement on improving the wind farm performance by measuring and correcting the yaw misalignment with the iSpin technology in the wind farm Sustrum-Renkenberge in Niedersachsen / Germany consisting of 16 wind turbines of the type NEG Micon NTK 1500/64/80. After a demonstration project in 2013 proved that the correction of yaw misalignment led to the envisaged performance improvement of 3,67 % on those wind turbines equipped with the iSpin technology, BVT decided to proceed with the yaw misalignment correction campaign on further 16 wind turbines in the wind farm Sustrum-Renkenberge.

Dr. Claus-Eric Gärtner, Managing Director of the BVT Windpark Sustrum Renkenberge GmbH & Co. KG says: “We are more than happy to ensure that we are tapping now the full potential of our wind turbines while at the same time reducing loads and therefore repair and maintenance costs”.
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For ROMO Wind this is another important step to establish the iSpin technology as a standard retro fit tool for measuring and improving wind farm performance” as explained by Karl Fatrdla, General Manager, Romo Wind Deutschland GmbH.

The patented iSpin technology is a unique, efficient and highly cost-effective technical solution for detection, correction and permanent monitoring of yaw misalignments, other flow inclination angles, and accurately determining the free wind speed as well as turbulence intensity on a wind turbine. The technology is included in the IEC 61400-12-2 and the intention is that it will be used to monitor absolute power curves according to this standard in the near future.