Casa Martina: the first truly self-sufficient home in the Madrid region

    Alternativa Energética, a company which specialises in turnkey electricity generation system projects using alternative sources, worked with Schneider Electric, a global expert in energy management and leading energy efficiency company, in carrying out the Casa Martina project. A self-sufficient home, which doesn’t use either energy from the grid or fossil fuels, but satisfies all its energy consumption by producing its own energy with renewable energy sources.

    To achieve this, Schneider Electric designed a complete green energy solution which covered temperature control, handled grey water and rainwater, supervision and management, and the PV system.

    Planned on the construction principles of near zero energy consumption, the first step was the design and exact location of the house. It was sited facing south, making all the main entry points for light face in this direction so as to get maximum passive solar contribution.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2013