Casa VN. A single family dwelling with an a energy rating

FuturENERGY March-April 2020

The spectacular Casa VN in the town of Alella, Barcelona, the work of architect’s studio Guillem Carrera Arquitecte, is captivating both due to its impeccable design and faithful reflection of the unique characteristics of the house’s setting, as well as to its cutting-edge KNX-based technology which, along with its efficient architecture, have earned the building an A energy rating.

Its perfect integration with the rugged countryside of the Maresme region, responds to the desire to conserve the original features of the place: terraces, retaining walls, local vegetation and an old dry stone chapel, so that the house lives in harmony with the space and functionality of all these elements. The resultant complex is both timeless and heterogeneous, forming an inseparable part of the place and the landscape…