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Las energías eólica y solar superan por primera vez el 10% de la generación mundial de energía

Wind and solar top 10% of global power generation for first time

Renewables made a record contribution to global grids in 2021, but coal-fired power and emissions jumped to new highs, according to BloombergNEF’s Power Transition Trends
El sector de las renovables alcanza los 12,7 millones de empleos a escala mundial

Renewable energy hobs hit 12.7 million globally

New report confirms growth in renewable jobs despite multiple crises and calls for targeted industrial strategies to create stable supply chains and ‘good jobs’.
El Parlamento Europeo apuesta por impulsar las energías renovables y el ahorro energético

Parliament backs boost for renewables use and energy savings

On Wednesday during plenary session, MEPs voted to raise the share of renewables in the EU’s final energy consumption to 45% by 2030, under the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) -a target...
Nueva inversión global en renovables. Fuente: BloombergNEF | Global new investment in renewable energy. Source: BloombergNEF.

Renewable energy sector defies supply chain challenges to hit a record first-half for new...

Global investment in renewable energy totaled $226 billion in the first half of 2022, setting a new record for the first six months of a year. The uptick in investment reflects an acceleration in...
Los precios de los PPA renovables en Europa continúan aumentando notablemente, un 16% más en el segundo trimestre y casi un 50% año tras año

European renewable PPA prices continue remarkable rise, up 16% in Q2 and nearly 50%...

LevelTen Energy’s new report reveals that European P25 solar and wind PPA prices* increased 16% in the second quarter of 2022 to 66,07€ per MWh. Year-over-year, prices have increased a staggering 47%.
La inminente escasez de suministro de cobre presenta un desafío para lograr los objetivos cero neto para 2050

Looming copper supply shortfalls present a challenge to achieving net-zero 2050 goals

The challenge of meeting net-zero emissions by 2050 “will be short-circuited and remain out of reach” unless significant new copper supply comes online in a timely way, according to a new study by S&P...
La electricidad renovable sigue siendo competitiva en costes en medio de la crisis de los combustibles fósiles

Renewable power remains cost-competitive amid fossil fuel crisis

New IRENA report shows almost two-thirds of renewable power added in 2021 had lower costs than the cheapest coal-fired options in G20 countries.
El coste de las nuevas renovables aumenta temporalmente a medida que la inflación comienza a afectar

Cost of new renewables temporarily rises as inflation starts to bite

Cost rises are linked to increases in the cost of materials, freight, fuel and labor.
España es el segundo país europeo que más energía eléctrica generó con eólica y solar en 2021

Spain is the second European country to have generated the most wind and solar...

According to data from ENTSO-E, Spain is the second country in Europe to have generated the most electrical power from wind and solar in 2021 (including PV and thermal energy), only behind Germany. The...
"Ignorar la canibalización corre peligro", advierten las partes interesadas en las renovables

“Ignore cannibalization at your peril” renewables stakeholders warned

A report by Pexapark has found that current high prices could be masking the impacts of price cannibalization, which threatens the future profitability of renewable energy.