Chile. Expansion of the Quintero LNG terminal

A ceremony took place on 24 March at the LNG Quintero Terminal facilities to mark the expansion of its regasification capacity. Situated in the district of Puchuncaví, in the Valparaíso Region, this expansion will increase the supply of natural gas the grid by 50%, doubling the transportation of LNG by tanker trucks and representing an investment of US$30M.

The Minister of Energy, Máximo Pacheco, maintained that “five years have passed since the first of more than 190 ships that have docked at the Quintero terminal. The consolidation of this gas port, as endorsed by the project we are inaugurating, is a powerful sign as regards the role the State must play in the search for the best solutions to meet the energy needs of our people”.

The Secretary of State additionally emphasised that “the attributes of gas are known, from their lesser environmental impact to the economic benefits achieved from substituting it for petroleum and its derivatives”. He highlighted that it is most important for its benefits to be a far reaching as possible to include more segments of the population.

LNG Quintero is the first Terminal for the reception, unloading, storage and regasification of LNG in the southern hemisphere. Since it was commissioned in 2009, it has supplied natural gas to the central region of Chile to cover 600,000 residential and commercial clients; 3,000 taxis and working vehicles: 400 industrial companies; two refineries; and nine natural gas-powered electricity generation plants.