China CSP industry is blossoming

With the launch of China 1st batch of 20 pilot CSP projects and the FiT of RMB 1.15/kWh, China turns to be one of the most attractive CSP markets in the world.

After 1 year previous preparation and construction, the 1st batch of 20 pilot CSP projects are steadily progressing. Part of projects move slowly because of some problems like land, financing, official approval and project economics accounting.

Being a late starter in CSP industry, China is lack of experience in project bidding, design and construction. As a result, large-scale project commissioning and O&M will be major challenges for those projects which are expected to be completed soon next year.

Another China CSP boom coming soon

China low labor and manufacturing cost and increasing input in core technology R&D facilitate cost reduction of global CSP industry.

Based on 5 GW CSP deployment target in the 13th Five-year plan, the 2nd batch CSP pilot project is expected to be initiated in the near term. Recently, some companies start the previous preparation for the next pilot projects. It’s predicted that China CSP Industry will enter into another explosive development soon.

2018 will be a crucial year for China CSP prosperity and CSP Focus China 2018 to be held in Beijing between 22th and 23 th of March is glad to be the witness.

2018 is key to China CSP industry. It’s necessary to summarize the current status of the 1st batch of 20 pilot CSP projects, experience and problems during the construction and prepare for the next batch of CSP projects.

Hot topics of the event

• In-depth policy analysis. Discover the 2nd batch demo projects deployment strategy and relevant supportive policy.
• Experience of project O&M. Learn from overseas mature project O&M knowledge to serve demo projects
• Cost reduction trend. Discuss reasons for cost dropping trend in recent years.
• Technology upgrading & innovation. Excavate future CSP development direction and business opportunities.
• Key components show. Exhibition of reliable equipment, components and services.