CHP in Spain: the last chance

No-one can deny the fact that CHP is one of the most efficient ways of generating power. To name but a few of its advantages, it helps reduce natural gas consumption and the energy bill; by being generating at the points of consumption there are no losses from its distribution; it strengthens the security of the energy supply; it increases the competitiveness of those industries that use it; it creates jobs and contributes to the industrialisation of the country. And these are not its only benefits. So why are we letting it die out?

There are many reasons to defend CHP as a technology that we cannot do without as it generates electrical energy and heat. The above benefits are the most obvious; they are those that would feature in any efficient energy generation manual. But they are not alone.

In 1990, the Member States of the European Union undertook that, by 2020, they would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%; increase the presence of renewables by 20%; and bring down the consumption of energy by 20% through increased energy efficiency. The majority of the States are, to a lesser or greater extent, complying with the first two objectives. However, both globally and individually, we are a long way from achieving the 20% energy saving target. Read more…

Óscar Cubero
Secretary General, Cogen España

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2015