Choosing a biomass boiler should never be based on price alone; that should be the last thing you look at. This article reveals the key factors a user should consider when choosing a boiler, the fuel selected and, above all its operation, since boiler performance depends on how the user handles it.

Heat demand in the European Union accounts for about half of the world’s total energy demand, and renewable sources used to meet this demand for heat – bioenergy – accounts for over 95% currently, however the market in Spain is not yet consolidated.

At Interbiomasa, we believe that in Spain the information available to the end user of equipment using solid biofuel needs to be improved. The confidence of the end user in the biomass supply chain for thermal applications, from the fuel to the installation of efficient and reliable boilers in operation, is one of the keys to the biomass market developing faster and with guaranteed success. Without this confidence in the supply chain, thermal biomass will continue to have difficulty competing with fossil fuels.

Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2014