Clean energy for the Scottish Orkneys

Once more, in Scotland, hydrogen energy has proven to be an effective and clean alternative with the public presentation of the Surf ´n ´ Turf project, and with the Spanish industrial group Calvera as one of its main suppliers. The Surf’ n’ Turf project´s facilities started their operations after an opening ceremony on the 27th of September which was attended by the Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy of the Scottish Government, Paul Wheelhouse. This project is an innovative initiative seeking to promote the local generation, storage and distribution of hydrogen from renewable sources on the Orkney Islands in Scotland.

Its aim: to locally produce and utilize electric power, with an ensuing reduction in fossil fuel consumption and green-house emissions. For that, a set of facilities for hydrogen production on the isle of Eday from both a marine turbine and electrolyser have been built. Hydrogen is subsequently to be transferred in containers by ferry to the port of Kirkwall, where it will be once again transformed into electric power to supply port buildings and to provide service to moored ships.

The Spanish company Calvera plays a key role in this process that provides a clean and efficient solution for electric power. Thanks to its know-how on high pressure hydrogen storage and transport, Calvera supplied three sets of equipment (truck chassis and tanks) which are essential for the entire operation of hydrogen transport from its energy generation point to end-user location.

International track record

The CALVERA Group boasts a wealth of experience in European hydrogen-related projects. Prior to the Surf ´ n´ Turf project, it took part in the CENIT Sphera project that ended in 2010 and which, under the leadership of Gas Natural and a 30 million euro budget, aimed to develop the comprehensive technology required to introduce hydrogen as a further component into the energy mix. In it, Calvera provided solutions for hydrogen production, storage, distribution and utilization, with particular attention paid towards renewable hydrogen.

At present Calvera is partner to one of the most ambitious initiatives in Europe to promote hydrogen as an energy carrier: the BIG HIT project (Building Innovative Green Hydrogen Systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for Europe). With a budget of approximately 11 million euros, including 5 million euros coming from the European Commission, BIG HIT, involves 12 participants from 6 European countries. It seeks to develop the necessary infrastructure for hydrogen production, storage and distribution for the local supply of power on the Orkneys, -as is the case with the Surf ´n ´ Turf project to which it is heir-, as well as from renewable sources such as wind and tidal power. Thanks to this project, the local grid limitations to produce “green” hydrogen will be overcome by making use of the power surplus gone to waste so far.

Likewise, the Spanish company is involved in The Hydrogen Office project, supplying hydrogen storage equipment and supplying power and heating for a block of buildings in the Scottish town of Methil.

Source: Calvera