Cleanergy announces first deployment at a waste water treatment plant to convert dirty methane gas into electricity

The Jesenice plant treats waste water produced by approximately 25,000 people. Around 110,000 sm3 (standard cubic meters) of dirty methane is produced every year at the site.

An industry first, Cleanergy’s GasBox – the centerpiece of its complete CHP system – has been specifically developed to generate electricity and heat from the methane gas being emitted at smaller waste water treatment plants such as Jesenice. The GasBox works with methane of varying quality containing multiple contaminants and has been designed to cope with variations in the supply of methane.

Cleanergy’s CHP system at Jesenice is now generating around 100,000kWh of electricity and 400,000kWh of heat each year which is being used for lighting, heating and powering equipment on-site.

With an ROI of as little as 3-5 years, Cleanergy’s GasBox is already commercially deployed at several landfills in Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and the UK. Installed inside a modular container, Cleanergy’s GasBox is an autonomous and flexible stirling engine unit. Also inside the container is a real-time power management system with remote access; a fuel pipe; plus a heat and electricity connection to a house/factory/warehouse with optional grid functionality.