Cleantech Camp seeks new projects that promote clean energies, the energy transition and sustainable mobility

InnoEnergy, Naturgy, Enagás, Barcelona Activa and CEiiA are promoting the 4th call for entries of Cleantech Camp, a programme designed for business ideas or start-ups that are entering the clean energy sector.

The programme, that will fund pilot projects with their industrial partners, will be implemented in Barcelona, Madrid and Porto and promotes Open Innovation. It will select a maximum of 15 aspiring projects and award funding amounting to over €50,000 to incentivise their development.

The programme promoters expect to receive ideas from which they can select projects that promote an efficient use of energy, the application of sustainable energies, the energy transition and digitisation in the field of energy. Cleantech Camp is looking for digital projects with an industrial vocation geared towards energy efficiency that facilitate the energy transition, distributed generation empowering the consumer, whose applications are developed on the basis of new technologies such as the blockchain, the use of Big Data and AI.

One of this year’s innovations is the inclusion of projects that focus on biogas, biomethane, hydrogen and Smart Factory, in addition to other themes already associated with the programme namely, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, smart grids and smart cities and sustainable and renewable energy.

The selected projects will follow a training programme in Barcelona, Madrid and Porto over several weeks, and will benefit from the participation of ESADE as a training partner. The course will combine training and informative sessions, specialised workshops for the development of the projects and networking meetings, coordinated by different experts.

The projects will additionally be able to access working spaces at Barcelona Activa, the InnovaHub at Naturgy, the Enagás FAB and Enagás Venture Center in Madrid and the CEiiA facilities in Porto.

Global programme partners, Naturgy and Enagás, announce the following challenges

Naturgy is looking for solutions in the following fields:

• Artificial Intelligence applied to the client.
• Combined renewable gas and renewable electricity solutions.

It is also seeking new business models in:

• Sustainable mobility.
• Batteries and self-consumption.

Enagás is focusing on the following solutions and business models:

• Sustainable mobility using:
o VNG,
o renewable gas (biogas-biomethane),
o Power2Gas, and
o renewable hydrogen generation.
• Solutions for storage, regasification and the transport of natural gas and other renewable gases.

In June, the top three projects offering the greatest potential will be selected out of all the participants, receiving funding of €20,000, €10,000 and €5,000 respectively. These projects will also benefit from other contributions in kind from the different programme collaborators, to promote their growth and consolidation. One of the main innovations in this year’s edition is that the selected start-ups must submit a commercial pilot of their project. The Cleantech Camp jury will select three pilots to be co-funded by the programme and developed jointly with Naturgy, Enagás and CEiiA.

Fostering Open Innovation

Cleantech Camp is driven by InnoEnergy, Naturgy, Enagás (through its Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Programme, ‘Enagás Emprende’) and Barcelona Activa. It enjoys the collaboration of the Portuguese research centre, CEiiA and the companies Ateknea, ZBM and Osborne that act as Knowledge Partners, bringing their expertise to the table in the fields of patents, legal regulations and public funding.

The programme is clearly committed to promoting Open Innovation between the driver companies and participating start-ups, in order to create a knowledge exchange ecosystem from which both large companies and emerging projects can benefit.

Register to take part in the programme online at from 23 January to 24 February.