CO2 heat pumps: efficient and sustainable DHW production in hotels

FuturENERGY April-May 2020

Paying attention to the consumption of domestic hot water (DHW) in a hotel can lead to a considerable economic and energy saving throughout its entire service life. In a society that is increasingly more concerned about saving water and its efficient use, we cannot ignore or play down the way in which that water is produced, as that expenditure represents approximately one quarter of the energy consumption of the hotel. Producing DHW with extraordinary levels of efficiency is now possible thanks to CO2 heat pump technology. Japanese multinational Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, represented by Lumelco, has brought its Q-TON heat pump into this market and major hotel names that have committed to this system are already seeing their efforts as regards sustainability and energy efficiency recognised.

The concept of energy sustainability already forms part of each and every new hotel project being performed, including refurbishments. This is because awareness as regards environmental issues is now present in the everyday life of the individual. However, the truth is that the importance of these aspects is such that every EU Member State is obliged to include the issue of energy resources in their external policy.