Comparing the thermal demand of residential buildings according to the regulations for SW European countries

The aim of this article is to compare the different results of the thermal study and, specifically, the energy demand, provided by CYPETHERM, of different countries according to their regulatory methodology. The results reveal which country is the strictest in relation to the energy efficiency of buildings, both due to the outcome obtained on the quantity of energy demanded and due to regulatory requirements. The regulations studied correspond to Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

To undertake the study, cities in each of the four countries with comparable climates for each type of characteristic climate first had to be determined: Mediterranean, Continental, Oceanic, etc. Having established the cities in which the building the object of the calculation is situated, the building is defined for each of the four versions of the software so that energy demand for each selected location could be calculated. The building in question is a detached single-family house.

The results of the energy demand are obtained for each city, both for cooling and heating, as well as verifying their compliance with the requirements or limits established for every country by their respective standards on saving or energy efficiency. As such, the level of requirement can be demonstrated for each set of regulations.

Benjamín González Cantó
Director of Corporate Development, CYPE Ingeniero

Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2015