PV competitiveness in Chile

On the road to achieving grid parity

April saw the publication by Creara of the sixth issue in the series of PV Grid Parity Monitor (GPM) reports that this time is exclusively focused on the Chilean market. The report contains a PV competitiveness analysis for three different types of installation: residential, commercial and utility-scale generation plants. The study also provides a general description of the regulation in the country as regards renewable development as well as details on the status of the PV market.

The study shows that the main variables to be evaluated in the PV competitiveness analysis in Chile are the evolution of generation costs (defined specifically for each segment considered) and the status of the market electricity prices that are used as a benchmark for each type of installation.

Chile is generally considered to be a country with a favourable environment for investing in photovoltaic systems. The north of Chile is one of the areas with the greatest solar resource in the world. Similarly in the rest of the country (except for the southern region) average levels are achieved that are higher than those recorded in sunny countries such as Spain and Italy. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY May 2015