Complexity is challenging and slowing down the corporate renewable energy transition

The role of corporations is central to the renewable energy transition and helping to address climate change. But faced with many options and considerations, from multiple providers, the ‘opportunity’ quickly becomes seen as a ‘challenge’ and progress slowed.

act renewable, an independent specialist renewable energy consultant, has been launched with the express aim of helping corporations to cut through market complexity and the multiple options available to them, to help drive forward their renewable energy ambitions.

Rasmus Nedergaard, Managing Director of act renewable, explains: “While many corporations recognise the moral and business case for renewable energy, a lack of internal expertise makes the transition process seem particularly complex. This is compounded by the numerous options available. The net result is that progress is slowed and the benefits from a transition to renewable energy go unrealised.”

The starting point is to recognize that all corporations are different and have different values, business models and priorities.

Rasmus continues: “Independent advisory firms do not start with a shortlist of options. We start with the corporation and what it wants to achieve. We then progress along a logical path that considers Business Case, Renewable Technologies and Financing. And, at each step, can consider whole-market options to arrive at the best possible solution. We form a crucial bridge between the corporation and the renewable energy market. The potential for corporations to be the main global driving force in the renewable energy transition is well recognised, but for this to happen it is crucial they have access to advice and guidance that can cut through the complexity and multiple options available to them.”

act renewable is an independent advisory firm on a mission to help companies achieve their full renewable energy potential. act renewable is a joint venture between renewable energy developer BayWa r.e. and renewable energy and environmental consulting firm RESET Carbon. By combining BayWa r.e.’s technical expertise with RESET Carbon’s corporate consulting insights, act renewable is able o to offer business solutions for every stage of the corporate renewable energy transition.