Deutsche Windtechnik has been awarded contracts to provide maintenance for Vestas wind turbines for the first time

In June 2017, Deutsche Windtechnik’s French unit will begin providing maintenance for Vestas wind turbines for the first time. The 22 V90 wind turbines have a total output of 44 MW. The contracts are for full maintenance. The agreement will initially run for four years, but there is an option to extend it.

The French unit was established just last year, and this is a further milestone towards strengthening its presence on the service market in France. Holger Hämel, who shares managerial responsibilities for Deutsche Windtechnik X-Service and therefore also for operational management of the French unit Deutsche Windtechnik SARL with Severin Mielimonka, says: “Our strong network enabled us to use our resources and expand our portfolio in France to include full maintenance for the Vestas turbines.” During the tender, the operator was particularly impressed by the close intra-company cooperation with Deutsche Windtechnik Service in Ostenfeld, Germany. It is the competence centre for Vestas wind turbines in the company, and it is already providing service for the operator in Spain. Thanks to this previous business relationship, Country Manager for Spain Melf Lorenzen was able to facilitate the initial contact between the operator and Mohamed Metahri, who serves as Country Manager at the French unit. Metahri strongly praised the constructive negotiations between the parties.


The 22 wind turbines that are covered by the contract are located in the regions of Picardy (10), Centre (6) and Brittany (6) in northern France. The close proximity to the La Renardière, CDH and SPDM 1 / SPDM 2 wind farms, which already have maintenance contracts, makes it possible to use the existing infrastructure. Existing warehouses can be used for multiple wind farms, and this significantly reduces the distances and work times of the teams.

Deutsche Windtechnik SARL has already been awarded a number of contracts in northern France, and Mohamed Metahri is planning to open a subsidiary in Picardy, in addition to the headquarter in Châlons-en-Champagne.

Source: Deutsche Windtechnik