Deutsche Windtechnik signs long-term service contracts for 56 MW

Deutsche Windtechnik and some of its customers are using the Hamburg WindEnergy 2018 trade fair to sign several long-term service contracts. Maintenance contracts for a total capacity of 56 MW were signed yesterday, at the start of the fair, and further cooperation agreements will follow during the coming days.

Right at the beginning of the fair, Deutsche Windtechnik AG successfully concluded a full maintenance contract, including large components, for the Sailershäuser Wald wind farm. Stakeholders in the citizens’ wind farm include Planet energy GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenpeace Energy eG, and Städtische Betriebe Haßfurt GmbH, which are also responsible for operational management. Deutsche Windtechnik will take over maintenance for the ten Nordex N 117 turbines immediately after the warranty period expires, and the contract term is 18 years.

Also on Tuesday, Deutsche Windtechnik and the project developer and operator Saxovent Ökologische Investments GmbH & Co. KG, which has its headquarters in Berlin, agreed on a full service contract including large components for ten Vestas V90 turbines installed at the Große-Welle and Crussow wind farms.

Another contract for nine AN Bonus 1300 turbines was also signed at the trade fair.

Source: Deutsche Windtechnik