DHC networks in Spain

    Catalonia leads the autonomous communities; the tertiary sector is the biggest client

    In October 2011 ADHAC, Spain’s District Heating and Cooling Association, in collaboration with the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), started to draw up a census on the existing DHC networks in Spain. The census covered both grids and microgrids and the information gathered comes from internal data provided by ADHAC members, data collated from network operators/owners and publicly available information. The aim of this information is to give a picture of the situation of DHC networks in Spain. Last October at the IDAE offices, ADHAC presented the District Heating and Cooling Networks Census 2015, at which the association set out the main findings of this inventory updated for 2015.

    The data from the 2015 Census covers 247 networks surveyed, however a total of 270 have actually been identified. The information show considerable progress compared to previous years: 2012 covered 46 surveyed networks, with 2013 surveying 139, increasing to 202 in 2014.

    The 247 surveyed networks cover an area of 7 million m2 or 93,000 homes, representing a total of 310 km of networks and contributing to emissions savings of 156,000 t/year of CO2 and an average saving of 81% in the consumption of fossil fuels. Read more…

    Article published in: FuturENERGY November 2015