DHW with an innovative technology in line with the philosophy of Vincci The Mint hotel

The 4-star Vincci The Mint hotel offers its guests an innovative concept from the moment they step through the doors into the reception area: from a check-in experience at the bar of its gastro pub, to its façade of great artistic value where the traditional architecture that dominates the exterior of the building contrasts with the originality of its interior design. Alternative, fresh, original, fun and full of unique spaces, Vincci The Mint offers a different style of accommodation in Madrid: a hotel in the city’s avantgarde Gran Vía with design by Jaime Beriestain. For the efficient production of domestic hot water (DHW), units from Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries were chosen, supplied by Lumelco.

The new hotel establishment embodies the latest commitment by the Vincci Hotels chain to restore historic buildings. The building was constructed between 1916 and 1919 and its f açade is of high artistic value, in which the traditional architecture that dominates the outside contrasts with the originality of its interior design. Property owner, Generali Group, has undertaken its renovation with an investment of approximately €5m.

Interior designer Jaime Beriestain was entrusted with the task of giving personality to the new establishment, respecting the spirit of the building while incorporating his particular style. Its surprising originality is evident when you walk through the door, with its mint green and turquoise hues forming the basis for the décor. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2018