Digitisation as a lever for productivity, security and sustainability

La digitalización como palanca para la productividad, la seguridad y la  sostenibilidad

Digitisation is helping to increase the flexibility of production systems, enabling an enhanced level of capacity to adapt to new requirements or variations in supply and demand, as well as to develop incident prediction and prevention in installations.

As regards energy, the promotion of digital technologies in infrastructures helps reduce users’ operating costs by integrating renewable energies; increasing energy efficiency by smartly managing resources; and optimising the cost of ownership through the intelligent management of assets and predictive maintenance.

ABB’s corporate strategy revolves around the development of digital technology that fosters the sustainable development of society. Currently over 60% of the company’s global revenue comes from technologies that directly focus on environmental sustainability. New digital products and services use the industrial IoT natively for every type of application, from the control and management of electrical power to installations in the water segment in industries, buildings and infrastructures.

The over 130 years of experience of ABB in key sectors and segments help its clients reduce uncertainties and guarantee the return on their investments.

One of the most representative fields where ABB is helping its clients in their digital transformation is that of energy distribution. The wide range of solutions on offer adapts to the needs of each client:

  • Collaborative development and digital management, training and the implementation of digital solutions thanks to the ABB Connect Partner Hub platform. This tool allows the user to optimise project development time, via product selection tools, switchboard design, technical selectivity study at the installation, etc, all on a collaborative basis with the team and its partners. It also includes training programmes and a digital application co-creation tool.
  • Digitalisation of the low-voltage general distribution switchboards with smart devices such as Emax 2, Tmax XT, TruONE™ ATS, Ekip UP, ITS2 and Arc Guard System™ TVOC, which integrate digital Plug & Play applications for measuring, protecting, controlling and managing the LV installation; optimising the size and complexity of the switchboard; reducing the set-up and commissioning time; providing early detection of service problems and grid quality in the installation; monitoring its operation in real time, effectively identifying any defect; discovering inefficiencies; preventively detecting and extinguishing possible internal arc discharges in the enclosures, etc. The System pro E power enclosures system can save time and costs when mounting switchboards, thanks to the installation kits supplied for each device.
  • Compact and digital LV distribution centres and motor control centres, ABB Ability™ Low Voltage Switchgear Digital, certificates with the IEC 61439 -1/-2 and IEC TR 61641 standard to guarantee the maximum security for users and a lower operating cost for the installation. These solutions include health status monitoring and the preventive system maintenance.
  • Smart, digital energy and asset management with the ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager multi-site platform, which provides users, managers and maintainers with intuitive oversight of their installations, assigning energy costs, optimising energy consumption, reducing inefficiencies, preventively maintaining the installations and organising corrective tasks and actions.

Download the ABB Playbook for the digital transformation of electrification here