FuturENERGY’s information content is targeted at all professionals in the energy and energy efficiency sectors who work in companies (engineering, consultancies, energy project developers, manufacturers, distributors and installers, etc.), government bodies (city councils, town and regional energy departments, industry departments, regional industry and energy directorates, the Ministry for Industry, Tourism & Trade, etc.), associations, R&D+I centres, universities, etc., which receive our information regularly.

Our print run is 7,000 copies monthly

FuturENERGY online is an electronic magazine with an elegant interface that is easy to read on desktop computers and mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, etc. It is in downloadable pdf format and can be printed off free of charge. A dynamic and interactive publication, it has direct links to advertisers’ websites, videos, etc. Perfectly complementing the print edition this e-edition reaches out globally to over 130,000 professionals.

FuturENERGY is completely bilingual, with all content published in both Spanish & English, allowing us to reach out internationally to those able to influence and take responsible decisions that shape the world’s energy future.

Another very important benefit for our advertisers is the bonus distribution of FuturENERGY at the main national & international trade fairs .

Geographical Distribution

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Reader Profile

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