Domestic and industrial PV self-consumption installations

FuturENERGY September-October 2020

Instalaciones domésticas e industriales de autoconsumo fotovoltaico
Instalación de autoconsumo. Foto cortesía de JONSOK

Following the publication of several detailed articles in FuturENERGY over the past two years, describing up to seven PV self-consumption installations implemented by Jonsok Autoconsumo and covering different sectors such as domestic, tertiary, industrial as well as solar irrigation, the company has continued to grow. This edition offers an overview of the installations recently undertaken for end clients and the outlook for collaborations with major sector companies to develop high output self-consumption installations.

Jonsok Autoconsumo undertook three domestic installations with different features this last July: from the smallest of just 2.8 kWp on a flat terrace with a slab structure, to a coplanar installation of 13 kWp distributed over a gabled roof with different orientations, as well as an intermediate system with 7.4 kWp of lithium battery storage.

The first and the smallest installation was for a recently built single family dwelling in the Valencia municipal district of El Puig. Ten modules from JA Solar have been installed, each with an output of 280 Wp, with a concrete slab structure positioned at 30º to the upper flat terrace of the dwelling, completely free of shading. The expected production is more than 4,500 kWh per year. In conjunction with the client’s adoption of good domestic energy management, around 56% coverage is forecast that will provide the home with more than 60% of energy self-sufficiency. With the tariff recently contracted, the client expects to payback the investment made in under 8 years, taking into account the 20% rebate on the investment conferred by the Community of Valencia (applicable to the regional income tax) for domestic self-consumption installations.

By José Rodríguez Fuentes. CEO and Founding Partner, JONSOK Autoconsumo, S.L.