E-mobility, beyond surveys, studies and data

FuturENERGY December 2021-January 2022

Movilidad eléctrica, más allá de encuestas, estudios y datos

I have never been a huge fan of certain surveys, although as a tool they help give us some information on a specific representative population group from the field of the chosen study and with it, we can better respond to needs and expectations. But when we are talking of general interest subjects, the study would have to be so extensive to cover a reasonable percentage that it would be beyond anyone’s capabilities. Hence the same survey can produce several outcomes depending on who conducts it.

This is the case of the latest report to be released by McCann Worldgroup “The Truth About Sustainability”, which shows that at global level, 82% of those surveyed see climate change as the greatest challenge facing the human race over the next 20 years, although only 61% of Spaniards admit that they are worried about it, a figure below the global average, which stands at 63%. However, the latest from the European Investment Bank (EIB) indicates that the Spanish supporting much stricter measures to address the climate crisis amount to 81%.

Another recent study released by Ipsos, this time focused on zero-emission mobility, highlights that 91% of Spaniards want the electric car to triumph, even though 70% are unaware of its advantages. And a 2021 survey from Oliver Wyman, highlighted that 73% of Spaniards would buy an electric vehicle (EV) and that 10% were planning to do so that year.

Arturo Pérez de Lucia
Managing Director of AEDIVE,
the Business Association for the
Boosting and Development of the
EV Market