E-mobility in times of coronavirus

FuturENERGY April-May 2020

The coronavirus health and economic crisis represents a huge dose of humble pie and a lesson learned based on pain, which makes us reflect on the fact that many of the things that we used to do to the environment, with our arrogance and indifference, must change, along with the procedures we used to apply. It also makes us consider the fact that the human being is not the dominant species on the Planet, given that a virus measuring between 60 and 140 nanometres has put a check on our lives.

The economic consequences of this pandemic are already more than evident and the depth of their impact will depend on how long we take to get back to normal, insofar as this is possible. As regards e-mobility, there are good as well as bad aspects, which translate into both opportunities and threats. The key lies in the proper reading of these signals and making the right decisions that we must take to successfully emerge from this complex situation.

By Arturo Pérez de Lucia, Managing Director of AEDIVE, the Business Association for the Boosting and Development of the EV Market.