E-Mobility. Special Report: European Mobility Week. September 20

Special report focusing on e-mobility, published as a separate issue to the September 2020 edition of FuturENERGY for the European Mobility Week and for its special distribution at: S-Moving (Spain,30/09-01/10), where FuturENERGY has an active presence as media partner.

This special report includes the following:


  • The MOVES I and II Plans. The importance of government subsidies to promote e-mobility. By David Valle Rodríguez. Managing Director for Industry, Energy and Mines of the Autonomous Community of Madrid
  • The electric vehicle: a key strategy in the sustainable mobility of the COVID era. By Arturo Pérez de Lucia. Managing Director of AEDIVE, the Business Association for the Boosting and Development of the EV Market.
  • The electric vehicle shapes a new urban, industrial and energy model in the post-COVID era. By Javier García Breva. Energy Business Models Consultant
  • Prioritisation, action, visibility. By May López. Development Director, Businesses for Sustainable Mobility Platform
  • First “all-inclusive” electric leasing on the market
  • Automakers shift gears to advance  their electrification strategies