E-mobility: wireless charging for urban transport

    High traffic density, journey times, noise and the growing level of pollution in our cities are just some of the factors that make the need to change and modernise public transport systems inescapable. The future is heading towards cities in which every vehicle is electric, silent and emissions-free. Cities in which public transport vehicles are seamlessly integrated into the landscape with no catenaries or cables, that are environmentally friendly and keep their monuments and heritage intact; using electric vehicles that do not have to be plugged in to recharge with no negative impact on driving habits or journey time. This vision lies at the heart of the PRIMOVE e-mobility solution from Bombardier, an inductively charged system that can be applied to trams, buses, cars and trucks.

    The PRIMOVE system has been developed with the aim of bringing added value to city public transport systems, facilitating the existence of emissions-free zones, with no pollution or noise. This is already a reality in several European cities where Bombardier has put its e-buses into operation using the wireless PRIMOVE charging system.

    The positioning of the wireless charging stations is defined at the most suitable stops along the routes so that the fleet never has to change course or extend waiting times in order to recharge. By incorporating high capacity charging at the most convenient points along the routes, the PRIMOVE system guarantees optimal availability for the bus fleet. Read more…

    Article published in: FuturENERGY December 2015