Smart grid and innovative energy storage device enter service

On the North Sea island of Pellworm, state-of-the-art technologies have been deployed that exemplify the transformation of Germany’s energy system. Today northern Germany’s first smart local energy system was officially inaugurated by Schleswig-Holstein Premier Torsten Albig, E.ON SE Board of Management member Leonhard Birnbaum, and Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG Board of Management member Matthias Boxberger. The system serves as a platform for testing and refining the local storage of renewable-source electricity and the operation of a smart grid.
E.ON and Schleswig-Holstein Netz have worked together to install a special energy-storage system and to establish data links between customers’ electricity meters and the island’s wind and solar power plants, making it possible to harness as much locally produced energy as possible. If surplus electricity is generated on windy, sunny days, it is feed into large-scale batteries and into small-scale storage devices at customers’ homes. On cloudy or windless days, the batteries supply power for the island’s residents.
The purpose of the SmartRegion Pellworm project is to address several challenges of the energy transformation at the same time. It aims to balance the intermittent output of renewables and to use more of this output locally. The technology already deployed on Pellworm could – in the future and on a larger scale – help reduce the need for transporting large quantities of bulk power across Germany and Europe and, consequently, reduce the need for network expansion. The nearly €10 million project is being conducted by a broad-based innovation alliance consisting of partners from industry and science. SmartRegion Pellworm, which received funding from several federal ministries as part of the Federal Energy Storage Initiative, is now entering its decisive operational phase.