E22 and Alencon partner to offer the DC Power Optimiser™ for DC-coupled solar + storage

Energy Storage Solutions (E22) and Alencon Systems have partnered to offer a unique, turnkey DC-coupled Solar + Storage solution. The integrated solution, offered by E22, is called the DC Power Optimiser™. Both companies will officially launch the solution at SPI 2019.

The DC Power Optimiser™ consists of a DC to DC bidirectional converter, Alencon’s Bi-Directional Optimizer for Storage Systems – the BOSS™, connected to a battery, packaged in a single containerized package. This container includes control and communication equipment, a battery management system, and cooling and safety systems as well as Alencon’s BOSS. The unit is compliant with UL1741 and designed to UL9540A. These distributed systems can connect with string inverters sized up to 150 kW and 1,500 VDC. The system is controlled via E22’s ETER software, a proprietary energy management and system control software platform developed by E22.

E22’s DC Power Optimiser offers a truly turnkey DC-coupled solar + storage solution which provides users a number of powerful benefits over traditional AC coupled systems while eliminating the system configuration challenges and deployment limitations of other DC-coupled solutions. The DC Power Optimiser offers greater round-trip efficiency, while firming intermittent solar output to both extend solar production and turn solar into a truly dispatchable energy resource.

Including Alencon’s BOSS galvanically isolated, rack-level DC-DC converter in this container provides a myriad of benefits to project owners. The DC Power Optimiser can be easily connected to the grid via a string inverter, the first DC-coupled system to offer such a feature. This will allow PV plant owners to easily integrate storage into existing PV plants using string inverters. The inclusion of the BOSS also allows for superior system safety and maximum battery rack utilization by isolating each battery rack. By controlling the charge of the system at the rack level, the BOSS assures maximum utilization of each battery rack while at the same time improving system safety by minimizing the risk of fault currents and other safety risks. The battery rack level charge approach provided by the BOSS also greatly simplifies battery rack augmentation that will invariably need to occur over the life of a Solar + Storage project.

Each DC Power Optimiser can be sized to include up to 240 kWh of energy storage. Based on the C-Rate chosen, the duration of discharge of the battery is between two to four hours. The DC Power Optimiser contains all cooling, control, safety and isolation in the same unit. E22’s proprietary ETER software controls the interfaces with PV inverters to manage MPPT while providing control over the rest of the system. E22’s ETER software also communicates with the battery management system. For new deployments, the PV Inverter may be mounted on or next to each DC Power Optimiser minimizing additional hardware.

For larger PV installations, the DC Power Optimiser can be housed in a central container configuration to reduce parts count and simplify O&M.

Source: Energy Storage Solutions (E22)