The E3SOHO Project: reducing energy consumption in social housing

E3SoHo is a CIP ICT PSP1 project, whose overall objective is the implementation and demonstration in 3 Social Housing pilots of an integrated, interoperable and replicable ICT-based solution, which aims to bring about a reduction of energy consumption in European social housing, through changing the behaviors of tenants towards energy efficiency without compromising their comfort, by providing them with feedback on their consumptions, and offering personalized advice.

Building owners will be provided also with management tools for remote visualization of aggregate consumptions (and if applicable, energy production) of the building, and which can be used as support for improving energy management strategies and for deciding how best to make improvements to the buiding.

E3SoHo proposes a holistic service that provides advice on how to reduce energy consumption in social housing, through the design of an ICT solution, the deployment of the ICT solution in the building, the training of the end users (tenants and building owners), and the monitoring of the ICT solution to evaluate the reduction of energy consumption.

Article published in: FuturENERGY November 2013