Zero emissions building for business incubator in Zaragoza


    The Zero emissions building for municipal business incubator is located in the Business Park on Zaragoza’s Digital Mile. It was developed by the City Council of Zaragoza with the aim of providing a space for young entrepreneurs so that they could start up projects in the area of technological innovation and energy efficiency. It has been open since June 2011 and is currently home to 45 business projects on which around 80 people are working.

    One of the aims of the building was to achieve the top energy certification and also be a zero emissions building, ie. that the net balance of the energy consumed in operating it and the energy it can produce thanks to renewable energies should be zero.

    The building is square and has a total built surface area of 2,700 m2, distributed thus: a ground floor with the hall, reception area and large reception room, three upper storeys with offices (incubators) with shared areas (co-working) and a semi-underground floor for the garage and machinery installations. There is an inner central courtyard onto which all the rooms look, as well as a double façade which wraps the building.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2014