Green buildings: the future of infrastructures and a starting point for smart cities

    If you do a quick online search for “green buildings” you will get over 18 million hits in less than one second. For some time now, terms such as “sustainable” and “green” have been associated with premium buildings. Increased market demand and some clear financial compensation, along with the increase in government regulations and pressure from shareholders, represent just some of the incentives to achieve high-performance ecological buildings that take advantage of innovation and add value throughout their entire life cycles.

    A high-performance green building could be seen as a living organism and, like all living things, it needs a nurturing environment in order to stay healthy during its lifetime. These buildings provide the starting point for every smart city.

    They are designed to achieve long-lasting economic and environmental performance, with particular focus on specific climatic and cultural needs to offer health, security and productivity to their occupants.

    Melissa O’Mara, VP High Performance Green Buildings Solutions, Schneider Electric
    Shan Bates, Global Segment Lead – Education & Smart Campus Solutions, Schneider Electric

    Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2015