EDP Renewables opens pioneering battery-based energy storage facility

EDP Renewables S.A. (EDPR) has opened a pioneering facility for the battery-based storage of wind energy amassed from the Cobadin wind farm in Romania. The Stocare Project, as this EDPR venture has been named, represents a key technological development in the storage of energy. When there is excess production, the system will charge the batteries, and when production is lower than expected, the energy stored in the batteries will be provided to consumers.

This type of energy storage facility could provide a breakthrough in the energy market over the coming years by turning renewable energies such as wind and photovoltaic solar power into consistently available energy sources, as well as making them more efficient and reliable.

EDPR’s project represents the first energy storage activity in Romania, where the company has been present since 2008.

The company currently has a total installed capacity of 521 MW in Romania, comprised mainly of wind energy and, to a lesser extent, solar power. EDPR’s production facilities in the country are located in Dobrogea and Moldavia (wind energy), and Oltenia (solar power).

Technical innovation to improve production and the better use of resources are the hallmarks of EDPR, which works and invests through projects like this one and other pioneering initiatives to globally secure the company’s position at the forefront of clean energy production.

Source: EDP Renewables