Efacec supplies 95 fast chargers for electric vehicles in Germany

Efacec has been chosen to supply 95 fast chargers for electric vehicles to be installed in the Baden-Württemberg region, Germany. The project is funded by the German Government and represents an investment of 1.5 million euro. It will be used the QC45 model, Efacec’s fast charger bestseller.

This charging infrastructure will use Efacec’s QC45 charger model. Its main features are: fast-charge any compatible with all brands of electric vehicles; 0 to 80% charge in less than 30 minutes; Simple plug & play installation; DC power up to 50 kW and AC power: 22 kVA; Multiple standards: CHAdeMO, CCS e AC; Built-in communications (3G, LAN, Wi-Fi) .

The charging points used in the Baden-Württemberg region have some specific customizations, including a credit card payment terminal, easy access for users with reduced mobility, AC meter in the DC circuit and class B EMC.

Source: Efacec