Efficient and compact DHW solutions for hotel installations

In any type of installation, and especially those destined for the hotel sector, the reduction in the space utilised to install heating and DHW units is a variable that could be a significant factor, particularly in refurbished installations. Focusing on installations for the hotel sector, any space that can be reduced for the installation of the boiler room could be allocated to other uses that enable new business lines and sources of revenue (parking spaces, roof terraces, etc….). Traditionally, the DHW installation has been characterised by requiring a large space for positioning its associated units, in particular, the accumulation tanks.

It is well known that one of the main energy demands in a hotel-type installation is the need to cover the domestic hot water (DHW) service expected by the clients of such establishments. This service is moreover a priority, as its lack of availability could impair the image of the hotel as well as result in a possible loss of clients.


To avoid this, hotels have historically resorted to the design of installations with large tanks of storage water, in order to have a volume of water readily available that is able to cover consumption peaks as they occur. This design criteria is sufficient to guarantee the right level of comfort and customer service, but can raise questions today in terms of energy saving and the space necessary for its installation. Read more…

Gaspar Martín
ACV, Technical Director

Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2017