Efficient hot water production in combination with VRF temperature control systems

FuturENERGY July-September 2021

Producción eficiente de agua caliente en combinación con sistemas de climatización VRF

Aware that VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems are ideal for the temperature control of medium and large size projects, such as hotels, offices and public buildings, Bosch Commercial & Industrial works continuously to offer a range that combines efficiency with innovation to maintain comfort levels at any time of year. The inclusion of the new Air Flux Hydrobox AF-HB module in the Bosch 2021 commercial air conditioning catalogue represents the ideal solution for high temperature hot water production combined with heat recovery VRF systems.

VRF systems regulate the flow of the coolant that is sent from a same outdoor unit to different indoor units by using the Inverter technology of the electronic expansion valves and the compressors, adapting to the demand of each indoor unit.

In this regard, to combine the production of the three services- cooling, heating and domestic hot water – with the same VRF system, Bosch has introduced the new Air Flux Hydrobox AFHB module, which represents the ideal solution for producing high temperature hot water in combination with heat recovery VRF systems. It can efficiently cover the needs for hot water whether for heating or DHW production, by using the energy recovered from the three-pipe VRF system.