Energy efficiency has ceased to be an ecological utopia, becoming a business opportunity business even for the hotel sector. Improving temperature control, lighting or even the consumption of gas and electricity in the restaurant area has an immediate impact on not only the balance sheet but also on the reputation of the establishment. The Spanish hotel sector could save €210 m per year by applying energy efficiency measures in energy consumption.

Two or three decades ago, hotels that used to stick a discrete note to the bathroom mirror kindly requesting guests to protect the environment and not drop their towels on the floor if they could use them again, were seen as being rather strange.

The interest in saving on laundry has, over a short space of time, become a classic issue in the sector, a model that can now be extended to many other areas of hotel management, making the comfort and safety sought by clients compatible with a reduction in costs.

Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2014