The metropolitan area of Barcelona, a city of smart cities

    The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona comprising 36 municipalities (including the Catalonian capital) and representing 52% of Catalonia’s GDP, is working to become a great city of smart cities with the help of new technologies. The goal: more efficient and effective management of resources and services to guarantee economic saving, better quality environmental management and the resultant noticeable improvement in the quality of life for its residents: more than 3.2 million inhabitants that represent 43% of the entire population of Catalonia.

    The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, AMB, is the competent supramunicipal management organisation for this region and with the support and extensive experience of the US multinational IBM, it has recently initiated the creation of a huge vertical technological platform that is advanced in the management of services within the public domain.

    This platform will provide services to the metropolitan organisation itself, allowing data to be managed and enhancing its Open Data and Smart Cities strategies, as well as enabling sharing with the 36 metropolitan city halls that would like to take part and their residents. The project, that aims to position this metropolis as a reference for Smart Cities in Europe, was awarded via public tender to IBM, a company offering a high-performance infrastructure.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY November-December 2014