Madrid City Council and IBM Group announce Spain’s largest smart city project

The Madrid City Council and the IBM Group have announced the largest smart cityproject in Spain inthe area of the environment. The project will put the Spanish capital at the forefront of European cities in the management of public environmental services (refuse, cleaning, urban trees, irrigation, roads, street lighting, fountains).
It will also result in greater citizen involvement in resolving incidents in the city, by opening new channels of communication with the municipal authorities. [sam_block id=”10″ name=”Banner central 728x90px”]
The MiNT (Madrid Inteligente or Smart Madrid) platform will help the City Council to improve communication with citizens because it will enable users to report incidents detected in the city through new communication channels, such as smart mobile devices. By means of a simple photo and the corresponding information regarding location, citizens will be able to report incidents, such as a pavement in a state of ill repair or a faulty street lamp, in real time.
The IBM Group, through its subsidiary INSA, will be responsible for the implementation of the MiNT technology platform, which will aid the Council in improving quality of service, communication with the citizen, anticipation of incidents and more efficient coordination of available resources. The contract has an estimated value of €14.7 million.