El Capricho, a new 50 MW PV project in Almería

FuturENERGY September-October 2020

El Capricho, un nuevo proyecto fotovoltaico de 50 MW en Almería

Enercapital Developments will shortly start execution of a new 50 MW solar PV project in the province of Almería. Covering a total surface area of 110 hectares of rain-fed land, it is the perfect environment in which to install single-axis solar trackers given that the slopes are less than 5%. The connection point is situated less than 1 km away via a 132 kV line.

The main advantages of the El Capricho PV project are its low connection cost (for a 50 MW project) and the energy produced, which is over 2,004 kWh/kWp/ year, with an excellent performance ratio of 88.51%. Moreover, the construction cost has been reduced to the minimum, given that the terrain is favourable for driving in the tracker posts, with very low earth movement costs. All of these factors turn this installation into a very attractive and cost-effective project.

More than 150 local people will be involved in the 4-month construction period. Works are expected to start in early 2021.