The National energy efficiency Fund

A messy transposition of the Directive on Energy Efficiency

The preamble to the RDL 8/2014, approved by the government last Friday, July 4th, expresses the urgency of transposing the Directive on energy efficiency within the time limit. In actual fact, this is being done through scattered rules that duplicate each other in a disorderly fashion. To boot, transposition is also incomplete. The Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/UE reached its deadline for transposition to national law on June 5th this year.

The next day the Spanish Council of Ministers agreed the establishment of the National Energy Efficiency Fund (FNEE) to announce that it will comply with the key articles in the directive, thus avoiding a sanction by the European Commission, as happened with the last directive on energy efficiency in buildings in 2010, and whose transposition has been incomplete since January 2013.

RDL 8/2014 was published on July 5th. This is a “sweep-up decree” that bizarrely regulates many matters that have nothing to do with each other, such as opening hours, bank card commissions, drones, youth employment, military training, bank deposit taxation, or a new surcharge on gas to pay off Gas Natural’s debt to Sonatrach and which includes the creation of the FNEE as a partial transposition of the Energy Efficiency in Buildings directive.

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2014