The future of efficient building and refurbishment: needs, legislation and funding

    In global terms the construction sector is responsible for one third of all greenhouse gas emissions, one third of energy consumption and one third of waste generation and the consumption of resources. Moreover, the trend is heading towards an alarming increase in these percentages, which is of particular relevance to Spain – a country with an energy dependence of 70.5% according to recent data published by Eurostat.

    The World Sustainable Building Conference that took place in Barcelona in October 2014 concluded that the building sector as a whole must, as a matter of urgency, recognise the real magnitude of the local challenges for which it is responsible. A change in paradigm within the sector towards architectural sustainability is indispensable.

    Such a new model must take into account the concept of basic habitability that will take shape through new urban developments and by means of refurbishing the existing urban environment. For this all levels of knowledge and innovative contributions will be necessary: from the world of science, from the corporate and political spheres as well as from the direct knowledge of the users.

    José Luís Gandía Fornés
    Manager, f2e Foundation

    Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2015