The sustainable hotel’s energy map

Air conditioning and temperature control systems, DOMESTIC HOT WATER (DHW) production, lighting, kitchens and room service, spas and meeting rooms…The way any area in a hotel works is connected to energy and water, in fact these two are so important that, in many cases energy consumption represents a hotel’s second biggest fixed cost, after the payroll.

This fact, which can be demonstrated in most of Spain’s commercial accommodation, has two implications for the hotel business: energy is an essential factor, but it is also an area in which there is room for manoeuvre to reduce costs, be more efficient, achieve greater sustainability levels and even provide greater comfort for guests.

Spanish hotels have been part of the trend in international tourism, supporting sustainability not only to improve and polish their positioning and branding, but bringing it in as a key part of their management strategy.

Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2013