The CITYFIED Project: efficient and smart cities

    The CITyFiED project, RepliCable and InnovaTive Future Efficient Districts and cities, is developing a strategy to transform European cities and districts into more efficient urban areas, smart cities, ensuring that its implementation is compatible with the criteria of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The proposed measures include the refurbishment of façades, the installation of district-heating systems based on renewable energy sources, the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and smart grids.

    Construction is one of the main sectors responsible for energy consumption in many countries. In fact, there are around 160 million buildings in the whole of the European Union, whose energy consumption represents almost 40% of the total in Europe and accounts for around 36% of CO2 emissions1. With the aim of alleviating this situation, the European Commission, as part of the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, has identified Energy Efficiency in buildings as a key priority.

    The objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy: 20% energy savings, 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 20% increase in the use of renewable energy sources reinforce this priority.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY November-December 2014