The REMOURBAN Project: a regeneration model for accelerating smart urban transformation

    REMOURBAN is a large-scale demonstration project that aims to accelerate urban transformation towards the smart city concept taking into account all aspects of sustainability. Several objectives will be achieved in particular the significant development of a holistic and replicable model for sustainable urban regeneration, applying a combined approach of the energy, mobility and ICTs sectors.

    The sustainable development of urban areas is a key challenge for Europe. It requires the use of efficient and user-friendly innovative technologies and services, in particular in the areas of energy, transport and information and communication technologies (ICTs).

    In fact, these three sectors are widely considered as potentially appropriate for achieving benefits for society and economic benefits, as they are essential for the quality of life of citizens as well as creating a link between people with technology.

    Andrea Martín, Miguel A. García,
    Sergio Sanz, Cristina de Torre.
    CARTIF Foundation

    Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2015