In the first two months of 2014 99% of new MWs installed in Chile in 2013, from renewable sources, went into operation

During the first two months of 2014, 239.9 MWs from renewable sources went into operation: this energy comes from six plants, three solar, two mini-hydraulic power plants and one wind farm – completing 99% of all the power installed in 2013. As detailed in the NCRE (Non-Conventional Renewable Energies) Report from the Centre for Renewable Energies within the Ministry of Energy- CORFO, “the country’s total installed capacity (renewable energy) stands at 1,352 MW: 7.18 % of the total.”
In January-February 2014, the following plants began operations: the solar plants 93 MW Amanecer Solar, the largest in South America; Salvador and San Andrés (all in the Atacama region); the mini hydraulic power plants, Maisan and Auxiliar del Maipo; and the Valle de los Vientos wind farm, near Calama, Antofagasta region.
The CER report in March details that there are currently 927 MW under construction, of which 585 MW are wind projects, solar 225 MW are solar, 85 MW are mini hydraulic plants, and 32 are bioenergy.
The portfolio of projects totals 16,631 MW of which 10,785 MW correspond to projects with their Environmental Qualification Resolution adopted, led by solar (5,951 MW) and wind projects (4,359 MW).