Four new standards for smart cities underway

The Technical Committee for Smart City Standardisation (AEN/CTN 178), part of the Spanish Association for Standardisation & Certification, AENOR, with the support of the Secretary of State for Telecoms and the Information Society, SETSI, has given approval for four future standards (UNE) to be created in Spain, which will encourage the creation of smart cities. This was the conclusion reached at the Technical Committee for Standardisation’s fourth plenary meeting, held at SETSI’s headquarters. These standards will be open for all to attain.[sam_block id=”10″ name=”Banner central 728x90px”]
Specifically, these standards will in the future lay down the definition, requirements and indicators for defining a smart city; they will promote the use of open data sources, that is, reusing documents and information resources that have been prepared or looked after by the public sector; they will establish the minimum requirements to guarantee that an electric car can charge at any charging point by having an interoperable recharging infrastructure; and they will make it possible to improve energy efficiency in public lighting on the basis of an analysis of different areas of the city.
With the implementation of these new standards, around ten documents on standards are being worked on which will drive the roll out in Spain of smart cities. The development of these documents will follow usual standardisation activity procedures and achieving the final result will be the product of consensus on the part of the bodies involved.