Endesa and TMB present an ultra-fast charging project for e-buses

Endesa has presented an ultra-fast charging solution for e-buses, a project on which it is working together with TMB, the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport company. This system is able to charge 80% of the battery of the e-bus in just 5 minutes, thanks to a charger that connects to a pantograph installed in the roof of the vehicle.

The project is currently undergoing works phase in Cisell Street, close to the Plaza del Nou, in the Barcelona neighbourhood of La Marina del Prat Vermell in the district of Sants-Monjuic.

The ultra-fast charging system benefits from a 400 kW output and comprises a module around 5 m tall, similar to a street light, situated at the final stop on the bus route, where the vehicle stands for a few minutes before restarting its circular route. Installed into the roof of the vehicle is a retractable pantograph – a device equipped with a mechanical arm – that, via a sensor, detects once the point is reached where the module has to be charged. Once correctly positioned, the arm of the pantograph folds out and connects with the housing of the charging system.

The charger is connected to the Endesa control centre, from where data will be shared with TMB, giving real time information about the activity of the device and the status of the connected vehicle. The launch of the charger has also involved installing an underground transformer station exclusively designed to operate the charger.

The metropolitan bus route that will benefit from this system is the H16 that links the Forum in Barcelona with the Free Trade Zone, following a 12 km route that runs parallel to the sea and passing through Poble Nou, the Olympic Village, Plaza Cataluña and Plaza España. This route, part of the new bus network, will incorporate two Solaris Urbino 18 articulated vehicles. These 18 metre long buses are fully electric and as such are zero emissions. They are the first of this size to be manufactured in Europe and are currently undergoing testing at the TMB’s engineering department. This projects reaffirms Barcelona’s position at the forefront of the implementation of clean solutions for bus transport based on progressive electrification: its 5 PEVs plus 159 hybrids account for 15% of the TMB’s operational fleet.