Endesa installed 253 electric vehicle charging points across Spain in 2013

In 2013 Endesa installed 253 charging points across Spain, expanding its charging network in the country by 42%. Alongside its parent company Enel, Endesa remains firmly committed to promoting e-mobility as a key tool for tackling climate change. As a result, over the last three years Endesa installed 853 charging points for residential and corporate customers in Spain. Although most of the charging points have been addressed to corporate customers, residential installations have also been carried out, as part of the comprehensive service Endesa provides its customers with. For this reason, Endesa has just launched a new product to make e-mobility more accessible for Spanish customers: the new “Endesa End-to-end Charging Point Solution”. This is an all-inclusive service for Euro 1.85/day that offers cutting-edge charging technology for any electric vehicle, with maximum charging security, comfort and speed.
In addition to this new product, Endesa continues to offer turnkey solutions for all kind of customers, meaning they are tailored on their charging needs according to the use and the fleet to be incorporated. Endesa’s product catalogue includes a wide range of equipment to offer each customer the charging solution that best meets their needs, varying from conventional to rapid charging points. Within the framework of this offer, a team of technicians are available to visit the customer’ s premises for an assessment of the electricity system and a personalised estimate of the charging solution requirements.
Endesa also offers to electric vehicle users a special green tariff which has three time slots allowing to charge the vehicles at night at a significantly reduced rate.
With regard to products for local government and institutions, last year Endesa launched the E-mobility Pack. This initiative foresees the gradual replacement of internal fleets of fuel-run vehicles at city councils with electric ones, the installation of a charging point for every vehicle replaced and other value-added mobility services, such as controlling and monitoring the charging infrastructure, managing the fleets and optimising routes.
Charging network in Latin America
The Enel Group also continues to foster e-mobility in Latin America. In 2013, it installed another 58 charging points, expanding the charging network by 87% and increasing to 124 the total number of units installed over the last three years in the region. In Colombia, electricity distribution company Codensa installed 49 charging points last year, in addition to the 18 installed in the two previous years. The company plans to roll out a further 95 charging points in the future. In Chile, Brazil, Peru and Argentina, a total nine charging points were installed, with another 35 in the pipeline for this year.
New fast-charging networks
At the beginning of 2013, Enel certified and installed the new AC pole 43kW, expanding the product family of charging stations equipped with Enel smart meter and connected to the Group eMobility Management central system.
At the end of 2013, Endesa and Enel presented their proprietary fast-charge solution, FASTO (FAST TOgether), a new charging point that can charge any electric vehicle on the market since it is equipped with the three types of fast-charge connectors currently available (the CCS or combo connector, the IEC 62196-2 connector and the ChadeMo connector).